Human Resources

Creating The Framework For Your Foundation

Human Resources Audit

Conduct a detailed audit for human resources departments. The audit will include in-person meetings with team members and review of the internal documents. Creation of a plan to make improvements and strategically connect the plan with other departments.

Policy and Procedure

Create human resources' policies and procedures. The policies and procedures are set-up to ensure that the proper human resources' documents are implemented.

Performance Management

Establish a highly effective performance management program. The program will have a detailed review process with plans to make immediate improvements in employees' performance.

Employee Recognition Program

Develop customized employee recognition programs. The programs will take into consideration the objectives that the client wants to achieve. The engagement activities will be clear and easy to utilize.

Employment Relations

Build a program to manage employment related issues. The program will deal with issues and solve them properly. The program will showcase how to conduct investigations, warnings and terminations.

Culture Development and Maintenance

Work closely with clients to discover culture gaps and external perception. Creation and implementation of culture plans.

Ongoing Human Resources Support

Provide human resources support to on an ongoing basis and fulfill them in an efficient way.

Strategic Planning

Align the human resources function with all of the departments. Develop a strategic vision for the human resources department.

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