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Our Story

InThink Human Resources was created in 2017 to provide human resources solutions for organizations.

Several organizations either operate without a human resources department or continue to require additional HR support even though they have a human resources department. InThink was created to provide support to organizations who fall in either of the two categories.

InThink does not believe in one-size fits all idea. In fact, depending on each organization’s particular needs, InThink has various different service offerings available to help provide the required solution.

By utilizing out of the box solutions with all aspects of human resources, InThink is not only innovative but one step ahead. It is imperative to stand apart while being diligent with everything that is needed to complete the task at hand.

InThink, additionally, was created because a need was identified in the market. It was noted that several companies have a difficult time hiring the right candidate and, as a result, utilize third parties to help with their search. The third parties, in turn, send multiple candidates and, most times by sending a number of candidates, time that is valuable for the client is wasted. Moreover, candidates who are being sent to these organizations begin to feel like a number and do not feel valued. InThink, however, only begins the recruitment process once a contract is signed. From there, InThink walks the client through the interview process to ensure that they bring on the right candidate, who is the best fit. Also ensuring that candidates are only sent to organizations and openings where they will be an ideal fit – allowing the candidate to feel valued, as well.

Furthermore, InThink made an observation where it found that organizations, either: have the wrong person heading their human resources department or do not have a human resources department, entirely. This can potentially lead to both, employee related issues or legal problems. As a solution to this, InThink can either be an extension of the human resources department or can use a strategic approach to create and form the department for organizations.

There are some clients that know what services they require; however, there are others that know they need help but do not know what their organization is in need of. For those that know what they need, InThink will provide the highest quality service in fulfilling the organizations human resource related goals. In fact, it has been noted that, most times than not, these clients will also inquire about other service options that are offered. On the other hand, for those who do not know what they require but note that they do need help, InThink will provide a human resources audit which will showcase and outline what help and service is truly needed by the organization.

InThink prides itself on helping clients build comprehensive solutions for their needs. InThink has clients who utilize InThink on a retainer while other clients use services for one or two projects. Additionally, InThink generates business through either: returning clients for repeat services or through referrals from past or existing clients – this repeat clientele or referrals further go to showcase that InThink goes above and beyond to fulfill the particular needs of all clients.


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