Making Candidates Feel Comfortable Is Our Promise


Our Recruitment Consultant will have a meeting with potential candidates. The Recruitment Consultant will transparently inform the candidate about career opportunities. The candidate will go through a detailed interview process.

Passive Candidates

Passive candidates will be interviewed after the Recruitment Consultant contacts the candidate. Their information will be stored and kept in a confidential manner. When an opportunity arises the Recruitment Consultant will contact the Passive Candidate.


Our Recruitment Consultant will provide the utmost transparency and confidentiality to our candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. This includes providing a transparent picture of the position that the candidate is moving forward with. There will be several touch points to ensure the candidate knows what is occurring during the various recruitment stages.


Our Recruitment Consultant will create a detailed portfolio to present to the client. This portfolio will showcase why the candidate should be put forward. The portfolio will answer pressing questions that the client has. All candidates will be asked prior to submitting their portfolio if they want to move forward in the process.

Interview Stage

The selected candidates will move into the interview stage. The Recruitment Consultant will keep the candidate informed about their status during the recruitment process. The candidates that are not selected will be provided an opportunity to get guidance with finding their next opportunity.

After Being Hired

The selected candidate will be presented with an offer from the client. The offer will be contingent on a successful reference check. Upon commencing work, the Recruitment Consultant will contact the new hire periodically to ensure they are satisfied with the placement. The Recruitment Consultant will contact candidates that are not selected with updates on their status and new opportunities.

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