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Initial Meeting

Our Recruitment Consultant will have a meeting with the Hiring Manager. The objective of the meeting will be to provide a detailed outline of InThink's recruitment process. The Recruitment Consultant will go through a culture assessment with the Hiring Manager.

Detailed Assessment of Vacancy

Our Recruitment Consultant will review the job advertisement and meeting notes in detail. The Recruitment Consultant will review the culture assessment and job details to understand the company culture and benefits that are offered.

Culture-Based Recruitment

Our Recruitment Consultant will utilize various methods to locate candidates. The Recruitment Consultant will determine if the candidate is a good fit prior to the interview process. Our Consultants will remain in consistent communication with the clients throughout the interview process.

Interview Process

Our Recruitment Consultant will take the candidates through a detailed interview process. The interview process will include screening, interviewing, assessments and a reliability check. These candidates will then be considered qualified candidates.

Qualified Candidates

Our Recruitment Consultant will present qualified candidates to the client. Clients will receive a complete portfolio on the candidates. Based on the portfolios, the client will decide which candidates will progress to the interview stage.

Employment Offer

Selected candidate will be presented with a conditional offer or feedback after the interview process. Conditional offer will be contingent on a successful reference check.


We believe in our recruitment process and the candidates that we present. We do understand that there may be situations where a hire does not work out. This is why we provide a guarantee for our hires.


Our Recruitment Consultant will communicate with the client consistently throughout the recruitment process. Our Recruitment Consultant will continue to communicate after a candidate is hired to ensure that the fit remains ideal.

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