Unleash the Power Within

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Prior to starting my business, I was comfortable going to school to attain new knowledge.

One thing that intimated me was personal development beyond school. When I brought this up to my wife Jassicka Bhullar, she informed me about something that helped her boss Nitesh Prakash grow Blue Pearl Mortgage Group Inc,

He attended a Tony Robbins event called Unleash the Power Within.

My wife told me that she was going and I should go with her. I started listening to a Tony Robbin’s Audio Book.

One month later, we were headed to his event. This event was remarkable. It opened my mind up and started me on my journey for self development.

Going through this experience with my wife was incredible. We became each others accountability partners.

Through this experience we discovered what we wanted to do with our lives.

Personal development is vital to your growth. It can help people overcome personal issues.

I enjoyed my #personaldevelopement journey since then and have guided other leaders with their development.

What activities are you doing for your personal development? Try to commit to something and do it!

My wife and I are attending #unleashthepowerwithin
tomorrow. A lot has changed in our lives since 2017 and we wanted to experience this again, this time virtually.

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